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  • Appointments at your home or business location
  • Specialist in relationship (physical sexual infidelity) and theft testing
  • Full member of the American Polygraph Association
  • Member of the British Polygraph Association
  • Tests from £400 (inc. VAT) - No hidden extras
  • Free, confidential advice
  • Test results supplied same day
  • Written report included
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Polygraph is scientifically proven to be the most accurate method of lie detection!

Polygraph Confidential Ltd provides lie detector tests at your home or business location across the UK.This may be sexual infidelity, sexual abuse, theft, arson, fraud or a breach of regulations. Tests can be arranged anywhere in England and Wales if need be.

For free, confidential advice, phone 01233 223073 or email us and we will happily discuss your lie detector issue in confidence.

ITV and Jeremy Kyle has employed the services of Tristam Burgess and Polygraph Confidential Ltd for many years due to our experience and professionalism.

Polygraph Confidential Ltd is a private lie detection company offering a lie detector testing service to the general public. We use modern, computerised polygraph lie detectors and maintain professional standards with continued training in up to date research and polygraph lie detecting techniques.

As one of the first companies to offer private polygraph lie detector tests in the UK, we are extremely experienced in conducting confidential lie detector tests in the private sector. We conduct ourselves ethically and professionally to protect our clients and provide an honest and reliable service.

As well as maintaining a reputable lie detection service, we will be as flexible as possible. We can offer tests at  our office, which provides a neutral, controlled environment, recommended for polygraph testing, or at your home or office address, providing a quiet, distraction free room is available for the lie detector test. There is no long waiting list for appointments. Polygraph Confidential Ltd can normally offer lie detector tests within a week of making an appointment, and usually within 48 hours.

If you have a physical accusation against you or someone else, and are struggling to find or prove the truth, then call Polygraph Confidential Ltd today on 01233 223073 and talk to us about how a lie detector test can help you.

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